Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kinda worried :)

So, I do not know what is wrong with my brain!! Tonight Seth and I took the girls grocery shopping, we used two buggies as usual and he pushed Neela around in his and filled his buggy with mostly items from the list and items for Thursday night (dinner with our friends Zach and Emily and Kye). So what did I fill mine with?? I am still not even sure. We got to the checkout line and I had a basically empty cart, the only thing in it was lemon heads (which I don't eat and never have eaten), and not really anything else!! We usually kinda separate in the store and are very efficient at "getting the job done", NOT this time!! We got to the checkout and Seth was beyond belief mad at me for one he said that he told me that he was going to the checkout and that I said "okay be there in a minute" and then TEN minutes later come wandering up. lol!! And then he looks at my silly cart with only lemon heads! I just keep thinking back to the store with me pushing Stevie along in the buggy and wondering what on earth we were doing and what we were talking about!! It's like when you are driving down a road that you know really well and then suddenly you start thinking, wait did I stop at that stop did I even get here, how was I driving I don't remember that (this happens to other people too, right?) I didn't eat that much for lunch today, so I may have just been weird from that, b/c it was around dinner time that we were in the store, but I didn't really feel all that hungry? I am just so confused on what I did for an hour of my time in the grocery store.
Then to make it worse, tonight we get home and decide to make chocolate chip cookies so I preheat the oven (back story our oven's thermostat is off and is doubled in temp so if something is to be cooked at 200 degrees you have to set our oven to 100 degrees), well I turn on the oven to pre-heat it and turn it to 450 degrees, which is really 900 degrees!!!!!! Oh my what is wrong with me!!
Hopefully I just had an off day! I mean I am kinda dingy a lot, but this is just terrible and kinda scary, ya know? lol :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Starting to feel very Pregnant!

I woke up this morning feeling very PREGNANT!! I am having a hard time breathing, us shorties don't have much room in our torsos and after a while we have the hardest time breathing until the babies drop. It seems like my babies never want to drop though, I think because my hips are pretty narrow :( Also, my hemorrhoid has started acting up again (TMI, I know, ha!) So I am taking my medicine for it today and lying on my side, hopefully I will be in tip top shape tomorrow b/c I have work :) So far this has been my easiest pregnancy though, maybe my body does good with boys ;)
Everyone is napping right now. The house is nice and quiet. It is raining outside and I have left the side door cracked so I can hear the rain better, it is so nice and relaxing. I wish so badly that I was a "nap taker"!! It looks so nice and relaxing. I have never been much of a nap taker though. I can't even remember the last time I took one. I try so incredibly hard to fall asleep, but I just usually end up lying there and giving up about 30 minutes later :( Oh well, maybe when I am a grandma!!
Not too much going on this upcoming week, work tomorrow, a few art projects I have been working on, doc appt, dinner dates with some families, and oh yeah packing for our VACATION!! We are pretty pumped about it, we are going to Palm Coast, thanks to Seth's Mimi who is letting us use her time share condo. We get to stay for a whole week and are really looking forward to it.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mini "vacation"

My parents went out of town (they own an RV) camping and gave us permission to stay out at their house with free pool rights :) Seth kept calling it our "condo" haha! It really was a lot of fun and we got to enjoy the pool a whole, whole bunch! We even got to swim while the girls napped, that was the funnest part :) The girls loved the pool. I think Stevie could actually swim if she could get over her fear a little bit more. She "gets" the concept of kicking her feet and moving her arms. She HATES floaties and absolutely refuses to wear them. We tried ignoring her and thought that after a while she would just forget about it, but nope, not this girl!! She didn't mind wearing the bathing suit with the built in vest, but I didn't think it really held her up all that well and I was still holding her the whole time. She thinks that she can swim though, she will push off the steps and leap out to swim, it's really pretty funny. You have to watch her like a hawk. Neela is pretty content on just sitting in the float and soaking up the sun. She is a very happy baby in the pool. We even woke her up from her morning nap, and stuck her straight in the pool and she was all smiles and kicking and splashing around. I don't even think that I would be that happy with being woke up like that! We unfortunately did not get much pictures, because it kinda took all our effort to just prevent them from not going crazy in the pool. We are both still nervous with them around water. I would love to do swimming lessons with them. I think it is a life long survival skill that is totally worth the time and effort. I was super old before I could swim (like 11) and still am not all that great of a swimmer (especially with a big 'ol pregnant belly weighing me down, haha).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swimming (Megow house style)

Lately it has been so HOTT! We living walking distance from a really nice park, but almost every time we go there, the girls get so hot and start saying, "I hot, I hot". Even the swings are so hot that I have to put a blanket underneath them for them to swing on them (pretty much the only time that it is convenient that my girls carry around "blankies" haha. The slides are also way too hot to slide down. So here lately most days we hit up our own back yard for some shade (it is mostly ALL shade back there) and some water. I love this pool because it is the hard plastic kind so Neela can prop up against it without it tipping over, but it is big enough for the girls to have a lot of room in it. I debated (for a ridiculously long time) at Wal-Mart on rather or not to get this one or the one that had the build in slide with it. The built in slide took up so much of the room for sitting in it, so I opted for this one and just moved the girls slide from their room outside to slide down into the pool. They LOVE it!! Neela can climb up the slide all by herself, she usually just sits up at the top and claps her hands and smiles and waves and whatever else a 10 month old can come up with to do. She still needs some assistance to actually slide down the slide, but she is pretty entertained either way. So while they play/swim I can soak up some rays and take some cute pics :) I don't take very many, b/c I don't want to be too distracted and something happen. They are both still very young and the water still scares me a little even though it is a baby pool, I am always "on guard"!!

Daddy had a Pirate Party to host, all girls LOVE him in this costume for some reason, I guess us girls have a thing for Pirates or something? Here is Neela telling him, "bye bye" before he leaves

Neela hanging up at the top like usual :) Stevie kept wanting to fill up "baby's bowl" with water using a pitcher, but "baby" didn't really like the fact that Sissy had to hold onto the bowl to fill it up, it is pretty comical trying to ration out their actions to each other, I am not the best mediator for a 10 month old and a 26 month old :)

She kept wanting to play with this rag for some reason, she's so silly
My first collage I have ever made!! Look at those cheekies!!

We are going to my parents this weekend to swim in their pool, it is an in ground pool, so they can actually "swim", while it is bigger and fun, they are not quite as easy to watch in that one, hee hee.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photographer in the making!

My girls love taking pictures and posing for them. We do have a pretty nice camera and most people would probably never allow their child to play with their camera, but I like to see what she can capture. And I always monitor her, usually I do end up giving her our old camera to do as she wishes with it, here are some pics that she took today:

Frosty the snowman is all over our house!

She is training Neela to like a blankie too :) but really :(

Can you tell what her favorite subject was....her Sissy!

We are attempting to potty train her before little brother comes in August, THREE in diapers will not be cheap, even though we do supplement with cloth diapers, still not fun having THREE bottoms to change :P

I was able to get one of her: